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Kochi is the city of the future. A city that is drawing a huge amount of infra-structural investments. A city that will soon witness the change from trade oriented city to that of an industrial and IT centric city. A city that has a booming population and satellite towns in close proximity. And the among the closer of these towns in Kakkanad.

In-fact Kakkanad and its surrounding areas having been earmarked by some major companies for their expansion plans. Kakkanad is also where a large number of people are setting up their homes due to the scarcity of land in Kochi. Added to this is Kakkanad’s easy access to Cochin by road – just a short drive or ride away.

Kerala has been described by National Geographic, as one of the 50 must see locations in the world. With good reason because it is bathed in nature’s splendour. Meandering backwaters, sparkling rivers and an abundance of verdant foliage make Kerala a land hand-picked by God.

Tourism, already of of Kerala’s money spinning sectors is witnessing yet another boom Medical Tourism. By marketing India as a global tourism destination, the Government hopes to capitalise on low-cost, high quality medical care available in the country. According to statistics available, the medical tourism industry in India is worth Rs. 1450 crores and the figure could rise to Rs. 10,000 crore by the year 2012. The new national help policy recognises treatment of international patients as exports and allows hospitals to enjoy lower import duty. Further the Government has also facilitated easy issuing of visas for patients travelling to India for medical treatment. Kerala, espicially Kochi is ideally connected to many countries by air and sea, thus giving it the scope to exploit this potential.

The infrastructure development of the health sector in Kerala needs massive improvement with an estimated 80,000 super speciality beds required every year for the next 5 years. Despite the higher average life expectancy of 68.4 against the national average of 47, in Kerala, there is only 1 doctor per 1800 persons and 1 hospital bed for 400 people.

Moreover the NRI boom and expected development in the city will add to the number of people flocking to Cochin. Increased awareness due to education and the marketing of insurance facilities have led to more people availing of speciality treatment at premier hospitals. A well planned hospital with excellent facilities at reasonable rates has excellent potential for success.

The Kakkanad Medical Centre has tied up with IT Mission to provide its health care services to all the IT related companies in the area.

Kakkanad Medical Centre, close to all the landmarks

Cochin, Kerala’s financial capital 9 k.m. away. Vallarpadam, the Country’s largest container terminal – 8 k.m. away. Nedumbassery International Airport – 26 k.m. away. Kinfra Park, Kerala’s leading technology park – 1 k.m. away. Veega Land, Asia’s biggest amusement park – 4 k.m. away. Smart City, a technology park in association with Dubai Govt. – 5 k.ms. away. CEPZ, Cochin’s own Economic Processing Zone – just ½ km away. KAKKANAD MEDICAL CENTRE, ideally located for a sound investment option.
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